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Executive Assisant

2 Tone Boxing Club
Job Description

Executive Assistant

4 Rs Executive Assistant

-Assist in the retention of existing clients through amazing customer service, adding to Wow automation, and structured daily communication with existing customers to increase engagement.

-Assisting in ensuring all trainer tasks are completed on a regular basis such as announcements, daily referrals,and hand-written cards.

-Assists in acquisition of new customers through outbound calls, adding referral leads to list, and sending reminders to ensure new prospects show up for appointments.


-Must be detail oriented. Must have significant work ethic. Must be patient and kind with all customers.

-Must be able to stick to deadlines and manage own time to accomplish all tasks.

-Must not be a “gabber” and get lost in long conversations with customers.

-Intention is targeted communication not just talking to pass time.

-Must be technologically proficient to use billing system, email system, and Skipio.


Beginning of Day

o Send Out Skipio Messages to Check in on Customers
o Respond to Fb Messages
o Check Emails
o Respond to comments in fb group
o Voicemail Check & respond OR Create Lead and add to lead sheet
o Run through declines x 2 via phone call & video text
o Checks to Make sure cards are getting written by trainers
o Sends out Welcome Cards for Intro People Who Signed Up Day Before
o Do tasks given by owner

Middle of Day

o Assists in lead calling once this is completed & appt setting & reminders
o Completes any retail purchases & tells people to wait
o Assists in Setting (if a relatively good sales person)
o Ensures Trainers making announcements before and after class
o Ensures trainers are collecting 1 referral lead/day
o Follows New Client Sign Up Process to the “T” when signing up new customers

End of Day:

o Collect Referral Leads from trainers and input into lead list, email list, Skipio
o Update Master Client List By End of Everyday
o Update Monthly retention Numbers


-Each box of the list above is checked off as completed. Daily.

-Billing inquiries and client questions are always responded to on a daily basis.

-All new customers receive a welcome card within the first week.

-All customers receive a Skipio text 2x/mo checking in on them

-All Emails & voicemails are responded to on a daily basis.

-All trainers are making announcements before & after class for internal promotions and are getting one referral lead per day.

-All referral leads are called/texted then added to lead list.

-At least 70% of declines are recaptured.

-Ensures trainers have written all cards for the week to meet their retention quota and mails them out.

TO APPLY:  https://2toneboxingclub.clickfunnels.com/executiveassistantapp
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